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Personal business cards & Unique business cards

Business cards (or visiting cards) have been here for centuries. We think it's time to break social conventions and boring etiquette. We bring business cards to different level of marketing media and deliver business cards designed to stay in sight and flatter your business (and your persona, too).


Get in touch and we will help you choose the best personal business card for you or your product.

Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards always grab attention. Our metal business cards are from stainless steel with surface text or graphics chemically etched. Additional layer of design is provided by cutting the card through or customizing its shape. Using very precise technology allows us to produce amazingly complex designs. Our range of metal business cards offers Stainless Steel Brushed cards, Gold and Coloured Metal cards and Mini Stainless Steel cards.

Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are different. They should not be compared to classic paper business cards or to our metal business cards. To best imagine our plastic business cards try to think of a classic credit card. They are very durable and to make sure the art work is reproduced in every detail we only use high quality inks. Our range of plastic business cards offers: Full Colour Plastic cards, Black Satin Plastic Cards and Translucent Plastic Cards.

Free Personal Business Card Design

You don't have business card or logo, yet? Don't worry. We provide free business card design for our customers. Just give us a description of what you need and in what quantity. If you already have an artwork or logo, send it over by email in vector format or high resolution bitmap. Once ready, we will send you a visualisation of the final product for your approval. It may take seven working days to produce your order once it has been confirmed and paid in full.

Stainless Steel Business Cards
Stainless Steel Business Card
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Full Colour Plastic Business Cards
Full Colour Plastic Business Card
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Coloured Metal Business Cards
Coloured Metal Business Card
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Black or White Satin Plastic Business Cards
Black Satin Plastic Business Card
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Mini Metal Business Cards
Mini Metal Business Card
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Translucent Plastic Business Cards
Translucent Plastic Business Card
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